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Q.  I’m getting conflicting information on how many locks you should have in order to have Sisterlocks. I have 315 locks. Do I have Sisterlocks?

A.  That’s an excellent question, thank you. Without seeing your hair, it’s impossible to determine if your locks are adequate in number. You may contact our Training Supervisor: and she can help you with your concerns.

In our training classes we give very specific information on how to do the Sisterlocks technique. We provide a range of 400-450 locks, as an average number of locks for an average head. There are exceptions and like any “science” there are very few absolutes. There are exceptions to those recommended numbers. For instance, we take into consideration: the size of the head, whether the hair is very dense or very thin – including alopecia – and various other factors. A consultation (and sample locks) with a Consultant or Trainee is necessary prior to having your hair locked.

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