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    1. Brandi says:

      Hello Dr. Cornwell,
      I have a question. Do you have plans on visiting Denver, CO? I want to meet you in person, because I was hoping you could look at my hair because my locks are very small, and they are getting repaired by a consultant my mother is using.

      • Sisterlocks Home Office Moderator says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t have any immediate plans to visit Colorado. If you have concerns a local Consultant is the best person to consult with since they can assess your locks and provide follow-up.

    2. GayleJam says:

      Hi Dr Cornwell you are such a heroine to the natural hair community. I have had my Sisterlocks 7 years in December and I love them. I love the fact that they thrive without pomades and grease! This is the best locking technique ever. I never have a bad hair day and I am so confindent about how my hair looks it is beautiful! I also love the fact that I am able to maintain them between visits to my wonderful consultant (Elaine Hill of Dallas)
      Thank you Dr. Cornwell

      • mew7906 says:

        Fantastic post! I have my consultation tonight. The great thing is my consult will be in my neighborhood and she is certified on the sisterlocks website. I know I will not want to ever retighten myself so I am a little concerned about how much the price will rise along with the economy. Since you have had yours 7 years was there a significant increase in price to maintain?

    3. Sherry Ann says:

      I’ve just recieved <sisterlocks and I'm going on this journey, that's why I've registered at this site..
      So, here's my problem.. For the last 8 years, I've always wanted to have the sisterlocks, now I do, but there's not ONE single consultant in Germany.. So I'm also willing to fly to London to get my hair retightened, and I'm looking for a Consultant or Trainee who is willing to retighten my hair, that lives in London, but he/she must be located near to an Airport( as I have to travel from Germany).. Can someone help me please..

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