Celebrating our culture and heritage is very important and we pay honor to the ancestors who have contributed to our history.  I hope you’re celebrating Black History Month in a way that creates fond memories for you and your family.
As we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sisterlocks, we invite you to join in that celebration, as well.  Our 2013 Training schedule is posted on the web site and we’re holding a space for you in one of our Training classes and our Specialty Classes.  Spreading knowledge and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs is what we do best at Sisterlocks.  We take pride in knowing that graduates of our program go on to have very successful careers as Sisterlocks Consultants.
The success of Sisterlocks depends on your involvement.  So, check out for more detailed information on “All Things Sisterlocks” and thank you for being a part of this journey.
Dr. Cornwell
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  • 5 Responses to “Dr. Cornwell’s Winter 2013 Message”

    1. Sisterlockstarr says:


      I would like to start off and say I have been locked for 4years now 4years and loving it. Also I really love this blog because you can always learn new things. I really don’t have a question as of right now just wanted to say how much I love my sisterlocks and way is there any events in Charleston SC would they be one here any time soon. I really would love to be involved with my sisterlock sisters.

    2. Crystal says:

      I have had my sisterlocks for 5 months now. Recently several of my locs have broken off. I have a small bald spot on one side of my head. This is very scary to me. I have spoken with my certified sisterlocks consultant but she has not really offered me any advice. Has anyone else experienced this type of breakage? I would like to add that I have my locs retightened every 4 weeks, so this is not due to neglect. Someone please help.

    3. Sherry Ann says:

      I’ve just recieved sisterlocks and I’m going on this journey, that’s why I’ve registered at this site..
      So, here’s my problem.. For the last 8 years, I’ve always wanted to have the sisterlocks, now I do, but there’s not ONE single consultant in Germany.. So I’m also willing to fly to London to get my hair retightened, and I’m looking for a Consultant or Trainee who is willing to retighten my hair, that lives in London,( preferably near to Gatwick Airport), as I have to travel from Germany)..It would really be nice, if someone could help me please, as I would love to continue my Journey..
      Thanks in advance…

    4. NDUR2DN says:


      I had my test locks installed today and I am so excited about starting this journey. I had the opportunity to review the ingredients on the Sisterlocks products and unfortunately I am sensitive to at least one ingredient in every product except the starter shampoo. I never had sensitivities until age 50. Seeds, nuts, caffeine and even aloe vera now. I use NEXXUS Therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner. Will this two prodducts be ok. When I use products containing the ingredients that I listed above my scalp and skin itch like crazy and my hair gets really matted and dry like straw. I would use the NEXXUS products sparingly.

      Thank you for your input,

      • Sisterlocks Home Office Moderator says:

        Congratulations on your Sisterlocks journey! If you have known allergies to the ingredients then you should avoid them. Our suggestion would be to use The Starter Shampoo as it is appropriate to use even after your locks have matured and it is formulated to help your hair to lock and will help to avoid slippage (loosening and unraveling of the hair). You will want to avoid other products as they will not have these properties that will help to maintain the integrity of your locks and could cause slippage and build-up – an accumulation of product over time.

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