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Example:  I’ve worn Sisterlocks for over 10 years.  I’ve lived in the same neighborhood all that time and have socialized with my neighbor on a regular basis, going to lunch, chatting at each other’s homes, etc.  Recently, while checking our mail together she made the comment, “Oh, you got your extensions put in longer this time, huh?!”

I let her know that this was my hair and not extensions.  I was so surprised that all this time she assumed this wasn’t my hair!

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In order to keep your Sisterlocks beautiful and healthy over time, you need to answer two basic questions:
1.  Which products are best for my hair and;
2.  What is the best maintenance routine to follow?

Check this page for monthly updates on the custom Sisterlocks products and how to use them.
Sisterlocks products are key to maintaining the integrity of your locks.

This month’s featured product is……..Sisterlocks Reconstructor!

Our Reconstructor is made up of rich, botanicals that will address your deep conditioning needs.

RECONSTRUCTOR! This amazing product is the answer to weak and fragile or dry, brittle tresses. Use as a deep conditioner by applying after shampooing. Leave on 15-20 and rinse. For optimal treatment, sit under a hood dryer or cover with a plastic cap.

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Check here periodically for comments and pictures from our 4-day training classes. Hear first hand what students have to say about their experience, and why we boast with pride that our program is like nothing you’ll find anywhere else! In the same way that Sisterlocks is not just about a hairstyle, our training classes are not just about teaching a technique. Most of all, we strive to prepare our students to be the best professionals they can be!

To enroll in an Official Sisterlocks Training Class go to the Sisterlocks website: www.sisterlocks.com.

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What do YOU have to say about your Sisterlocks journey? How has this impacted you and those around you? What would you share with those who do not have Sisterlocks? Post your comments here.

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Welcome! At Sisterlocks we strive to bridge the gap between natural hair care and the cosmetology industry.

This is where you can find information and support for caring for clients with Sisterlocks.  Our clients will often end up in your salon for services such as shampooing, cuts, color and styling.

We encourage you to take our All Things Sisterlocks Informational Workshop for basic information or take the Sisterlocks 4-day Training Class (link to 4-day class schedule) to keep up with all of your client’s needs.

We look forward to connecting with you and hope you visit often.



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